Georgia Association of Pool Professionals - G.A.P.P.
If you have seen the GAPP logo or were referred to the official website, you are no doubt interested in researching your options for swimming pool services in the North Georgia area.

The GAPP organization was established to set its members apart from the typical mainstream pool service company. What does GAPP mean for you?
  • When you choose to do business with a member company, you can be assured that you are doing business with a well-established company. Each of our members is highly educated in the latest technology and trends of the industry.
  • Our goal is to maintain an elevated reputation in the pool service industry. We will continue to refine our quality and expand our capabilities.
  • As a group, we are dedicated to continue elevating our superior level of customer service in order to heighten the standard of excellence we have set in the industry.
  • GAPP members adhere to a strict code of business ethics and share a commitment to public health and safety in the use of pools, spas, and hot tubs.
  • All members carry current CPO certified licenses, are fully insured, and have extensive training in the swimming pool service industry.
  • GAPP member companies include swimming pool builders, designers, service professionals, and industry consultants.
  • So when choosing a service company to handle your subdivision or residential pool, make sure you are dealing with a GAPP member company.
  • You will be glad you did!
Please see the official site for GAPP, Georgia Association of Pool Professionals at

CONTACT | 770.886.8722