Safety Covers
Oasis Pool Service is your best source in North Georgia for protective Safety Covers. This type of cover delivers off-season protection, plus peace of mind, year after year. We carry a wide variety of top-quality Safety Covers from the finest major manufacturers. We recommend Merlin Safety Covers. With Merlin, you are sure to find the cover that's perfect for your pool and your budget.

We are always here to help. From material options to accessories, installation and warranty questions, our Pool Experts can help you choose the perfect Safety Cover - at the lowest price available, and with fast delivery and installation...

Why Should I Buy a Safety Cover for my Pool?
A Safety Cover offers you several important benefits that are simply not available with a standard "tarp-style, water bag" Winter Cover. A Safety Cover:
  • Protects your Investment - Safety Covers provide superior protection from the elements during the off-season, keeping your pool and pool equipment in peak condition, making for an easy, predictable pool opening each spring.
  • Safeguards your Family & Pets - Safety Covers form a barrier that gives your family, neighbors and pets unparalleled protection from accidental submersion.
  • Saves Time & Effort - Safety Covers are simple to use, so you'll spend less time struggling with pool closing and opening chores.
  • Saves Money in the Long Run - Because Safety Covers last for years, they pay for themselves in just a few seasons - and give you trouble-free performance, your pump does not run (saves you money), season after season unlike many standard winter covers. And with our selection, there's likely a Safety Cover that's within your price range.
  • Gives a More Prefessional "Look" - Many pool owners prefer the neater, more tailored and finished look that a Safety Cover provides during the off-season. Standard winter covers simply can't give you this benefit.

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